Mr. Prof. Dr. Jörg E. Wilhelm

born 27 July 1957 in Neunkirchen / Saar

Office Zurich



1977 - 1985 Study of law and business sciences in Saarbrücken, Trier and Genf/CH
1985 - 1988
Legal intership at Higher Regional Court in Koblenz
1988 Admission to the German bar association
1988 - 1989 Assistant to the management at AutoSound AS Radio GmbH, Saarbrücken and AusoLux Ltd. HongKong
1990 - 1999 Attorney to different law and tax firms
2000 Head of legal department at debitel AG, Stuttgart
2001 - 2003 Head of purchasing and logistic at debitel AG, Stuttgart
2004 - 2005 Executive Consultant and head of partner- und process management at Siemens AG, Munich
2005 - 2006 (Acting) Head of Corporate Services and Chief Compliance Officer, BenQ Mobile GmbH + Co oHG, Munich and BenQ Mobile Group, Taiwan
2007 - 5/2009 Attorney and managing partner at H&P Prof. Dr. Holzhauser & Partner, office Stuttgart
2007 - 3/2009 Professor for international commercial law and contract law at FH Frankfurt, department 3 for economy and law
since 2007 Tutor MAB International Business Scholl St. Gallen, Schweiz
since 04/2009 Professor for commercial law at department for international Risk Management at SRH Hochschule Berlin
2009 Admission to the Swiss bar association
since 06/2009 Attorney and managing partner at H&P Prof. Dr. Holzhauser & Partner, office Zurich

Practice areas

  • Commercial law
  • German and swiss tax law
  • Business and contract law
  • Compliance & Corporate Governance
  • Legal advice to German clients living / working in Switzerland, German clients living / working in Germany and economic interests in Switzerland, Swiss clients having economy interests in Germany
  • Chancing domicile of natural persons in Switzerland
  • Foundation of corporations in Switzerland including its domicilisation
  • Domicile move from Germany to Switzerland and from Switzerland to Germany
  • Bi - national succession, estates and testemants
  • Return from Switzerland to Germany or from Germany to Switzerland


Foreign languages

English, French



  • Wilhelm, Jörg (1992): Die Stellung der Jugendgerichtshilfe im Verfahren. Shaker Verlag



  • Head of board of directors of DTax AG Steuerberatungsgesellschaft Frankfurt / Main
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Compliance und Corporate Governance e.V.
  • LIONS Club International, Stuttgart "Altes Schloss"